Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clara Rockmore & Jascha Heifetz: Hebrew Melody

A beautiful and haunting song on theremin, violin & piano.
Hebrew Melody

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Pillow Case: Done!

I made this on Monday.  It was amazing, simple and brilliant.

 I found the directions here:

Then, I did it again with a student as her first-ever project.  Perfect!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Kickin' it Old-School in the Lower East Side

Check out this corset shop!  I found it on Yelp!  I will be visiting on my next trip to the city!  (because who could resist a whole bunch of secret bra and corset boxes with a ladder?  A ladder!!)  This is Orchard Corset Center.  Dreamy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Thread & Bobbin Poesy

I purchased Thread & Bobbin about 2 years ago when I got back into regular sewing (as opposed to just corset sewing, which is on-going, but is a somewhat different skill-set.)
The projects are cute and can be made up from scraps.  I started this flower ages ago and just completed it this am.  I added some decorative stitches to the petals, but am not pleased with how that looks as it made the flower unduly complicated-looking and stiff.   If I were to made this flower again, I’d leave off the decorative stitching (the book does not call for it) and get it done in an hour instead of 1.5 years, but that’s just the thing: I’m somewhat underwhelmed by this poesy and have been all along.   When I lined all the assembled parts up, I shoved it in a bag instead of completing it.

I sometimes can improve on a project by added structure or stitches, but this flower is what it is.  The petals are tightly curved and proved difficult in getting each one shaped near to the last, which adds to the organic feel, but subtracts from the precision I’m currently looking for in my work.  And that, my friends, it the real reason it got shoved in a bag.  Looking at the pictures, I'm beginning to like it as an accessory.

Project: Done.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Without Over-thinking this,...

Now that voting is finished at Foundations Revealed, I’m going to review my process on this corset.  I don’t usually do that, as I’m often just happy that I completed something.
This is different because what I’m looking for this year is significant growth in several different directions.  I’m looking to be more organized going into this year’s work, as my lack of organization and overwhelm is at a point where it’s hindering me.
I’ve started setting drafting goals, meaning, I write down, in words and preliminary sketch, what the purpose of the draft is.  This keeps me guided when I start setting lines down and gives me a clear record for the piece when it’s completed and I want to make it again.  Procrastination is no longer an option.

Each day involves chores, creative work, (ie: some recognizable out-put) self care and a clean-up period.

To that end, I just spent 2-3 days cleaning my studio and organizing projects.  I can only have 3 current projects out at a time.

One of my current, new projects is a wall quilt using paper piecing, a very precise method of lining shapes up for stitching.  One of the ladies I work with showed this to me about a year ago.  It’s nearly magical in it’s result, and I can’t wait to get started because I think that this piecing method will give me greater control over the corsets.
In a nutshell: 
Organization, Cleanliness, Limited Items in visual que, Discipline, Time Allowances for self-care, chores, & clean-Up, Procrastination under control by increments, Completed Projects.
Aesthetics Goals: Precision in Piecing, specific goals for pattern drafting, more complicated, sculptural structures while maintaining smoothness.

Here's some serious musical high to get started:

 "You thought that we were fast before
But we're going faster and faster and faster and faster
We got time we're doing fine Mach 8 accelerationThe sky is clear don't interfereWith aspirations of this nation
I'll shoot new cities into spaceDrag you at the new space racesFast as dead line can flowAnd look around, we leave no traces"

                          - Hypersonic, Jane's Addiction

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Vintage Lace: Shattered

Soooooo, I lashed her to the dress form today for the first time, and the lace got caught in the cross-fire. Most of this lace has held up to gentle handling but this is in the back, and I must have wrestled too hard with her.  Now what??
I really, really love this lace.  (Except for the fragility.)  It must be just over 100 years old.

Cross Marking w/ Masking Tape

 I finally found a way to mark grommets that keeps them from going all wonky.  I was able to set 14 in about 1/2 hour today, start to finish.  The punch distressed the silk to some extent, which in turn, distressed me.  It's not too bad, just a noticeable pull in the fabric.  There must be a way to combat that.  Perhaps that's the role of the second grommet bone placement, which I didn't add to this corset.  Live and learn.  Also, note that I used a pressing rag for both marking and for fray checking to cover my work.  Never carry a Q-tip full of fray check across the work!

Just to remind self that on this particular Osborne Setter, the work goes in: Washer (concave-up), then, the work with grommets in it, face up.  One ends up working blind a bit, but going the other way smashes the grommet.  I hate having to test it 6x every time.  Wastes time and grommets.