Monday, May 21, 2012

Pattern Swap!

Over at the Sew Weekly, I participated in an April Pattern Swap hosted by Tina Crossgrove of Down the Retro Rabbit Hole.
Low and behold, I received a really lovely pattern in the mail from Etsy and it took me bit to figure out that is was the pattern swap pattern.  (I sometimes order patterns for Etsy, but didn’t remember seeing this one before.)
The low down on it’s fabulosity:

It’s -

  • a size 18 (so I don’t have to scale up so much)
  • it’s really pretty, especially the contrast trims
  • it has no printing on the tissues - I’ve never seen that before!
  • it looks challenging, but if I can pull it off, it looks really wearable
  • Vogue, for Pete's sake!
I still don’t know who had it sent to me, but BIG THANK-YOU to who it was.  But  thank-you also for showing me how it's done.  This was my first-ever Pattern Swap.


casandra said...

It was Me. I told the etsy person to put my name in, but I guess she didn't. I am so glad you like it.
Casandra Riddle

Joann said...

Thanks so much! I love it!!